Making sense of the NHS Five Year Forward View

Making sense of the NHS Five Year Forward View

This webinar was recorded on Monday 27th February 2017


The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) is a wide-ranging strategy for the NHS in England that was published in October 2014. It is referred to as being ‘by the NHS’ given the lead and partner organisations: NHS England; Care Quality Commission; Health Education England; Monitor; Public Health England; Trust Development Authority; and NICE. The government has given full support to its implementation. The 5YFV covers a number of themes, such as the importance of public health and ill-health prevention, empowering patients and communities, strengthening primary care and making further efficiencies within the health service.

The webinar will examine progress so far, the prospects for the future and whether the current plans are realisable and sustainable

Key learning Outcomes:

  • Awareness of the strategic direction of the NHS, including the key themes and new models
  • An understanding of the key processes to deliver the 5YFV
  • The ability to identify emerging customer organisations and their relationships
16:00Welcome & Introductions
16:05Making sense of the NHS Five Year Forward View
16:30Live Questions from the Audience
paul-maubach1Paul Maubach
Chief Executive
Dudley CCG

Paul was appointed as Chief Executive Officer for Dudley CCG in October 2012. Over his 25 years of NHS service he has held roles in Acute Healthcare, Strategic Health Authorities, Specialised Commissioning and Primary Care Trusts.

Paul advocates an organisational development process which is driven by clear values; recognising that the NHS is all about people: both the staff who provide services and the public who receive them; with the ambition to maximise the potential for staff to work better together in the interests of their patients and for the public to take control over their own health & wellbeing.

Paul is leading the development of Dudley Multi-specialty Community Provider which is one of the national vanguards for creating New Models of Care. In addition, Paul has recently been appointed as Interim Accountable Officer for Walsall CCG to help enable the CCG to address the directions from NHS England that placed the CCG in special measures.