Following the Money – Funding flows in the NHS, from Parliament to the front-line

Following the money - Funding flows in the NHS, from Parliament to the front-line

This webinar was recorded on Monday 22nd May 2017


Julie Wood

Julie Wood is the Chief Executive of NHSCC. Her NHS career spans 30 years, focused on service development and innovation in primary care and commissioning, with the last 16 years at Director or Chief Executive positions within health authorities and primary care trusts across the UK.

In her role as chief executive of NHSCC, Julie works at the centre of detailed policy development and implementation with the Department of Health, NHS England and the other main national organisations ensuring that the independent collective voice of CCGs is heard.

As part of this work she has given evidence to the Health Select Committee on a number of issues including primary care and public health, and operates as a member of many groups where she is working to influence the policy environment that CCGs operate within. She combines this role with a small amount of external consultancy activity.

One way of understanding the changing NHS in England is to follow the “money trail”. Key questions include: Where does the money come from? How is the budget for the NHS calculated? How does NHS England decide how much each CCG receives? What is the money spent on? How is money paid to service providers?

The webinar will examine the answers to these questions and more.

Key learning Outcomes:

  • An appreciation of how financial allocations are made in the NHS.
  • An awareness of funding flows, who receives what and how the money is spent.
  • The ability to identify how key decisions are made, the current savings targets and how spending arrangements might change in the future.
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16:05Following the Money - Funding flows in the NHS
16:30Live Questions from the Audience