Accountable Care Organisations – Are these the future of healthcare?

Accountable Care Organisations - are these the future of healthcare?

This webinar was recorded on Monday 28th March 2017


Accountable care organisations (ACOs) are under active development in a number of areas of England. They are a response to growing financial and service pressures and work to put in place new care models that integrate services previously provided separately. ACOs have evolved recently in the United States and they build on a much longer history of integrated care systems such as Kaiser Permanente and Intermountain Healthcare. An ACO brings together a number of providers to take responsibility for the cost and quality of care for a defined population within an agreed budget. ACOs take many different forms ranging from fully integrated systems to looser alliances and networks of hospitals, medical groups and other providers.

ACOs have attracted interest as one way of overcoming fragmented responsibility for the commissioning and provision of care in the NHS. They are a practical expression of ‘place-based’ working under which NHS organisations and their partners agree to collaborate in order to meet the needs of the population they serve. There has been particular interest in ACOs in areas of England involved in the new care models programme.

Key learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the key principles involved in the establishment of an ACO
  • The ability to identify the existing models , who, where and how
  • A look forward to the future – what we might expect
16:00Welcome & Introductions
16:05Making sense of the NHS Five Year Forward View
16:30Live Questions from the Audience
david-thorneDavid Thorne
Chair, Washington Community Healthcare and Non-Executive Director, City and Vale GP Alliance

Originally a mental health nurse, David has occupied senior positions within NHS hospitals and commissioning organisations for over 35 years. He is the Managing Director of Blue River Consulting providing advice to the NHS and to some 120 health care companies over the past ten years. David is the Chair of Washington Community Health Care, a federation of primary care practices within the Sunderland Vanguard MCP new model of care. He is also Programme Director of the York Care Collaborative, an accountable care system partnership of the City and Vale GP Alliance and the York Teaching Hospitals NHS FT. He was previously the Chief Executive of the PBC group that became Newcastle West CCG. He was the 2011 NHS Alliance Acorn Awards CCG Manager of the Year, a runner up in the 2012 NAPC Vision Award for CCG Manager of the Year and has led multiple service redesign projects.